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    ~Lunarclan History~
    Lunarclan is bordered against a mountain and thick wooded forests. A long time ago there was an earthquake and a huge chunk of rock broke off of the mountain and into the forest. A few moons later a cat named Lunar found the rock and was able to climb to the top and sit with at least 3 foxlength to spare on each side. Accidentally falling alseep on it he was vistited by four cats, Mooncrest, Birchfall, Robinwing, and Minkfang. They were his ancestors and they helped him restore the clan that they once knew. The clan was named Lunarclan and flourished for a long time. Now a great time is coming and a war will be fought, one that will shed much blood. The cats in this clan have developed tough padds for walking in the rocky mountains, and are skilled at jumping and climbing trees. There home is in a cave that is right at the edge of the mountain and can't be seen by ones from th out side for there is a bush and a whole bunch of roots and vines blockng the veiw of the enterance. The enterance to the cave is just bigg enough for a small wolf or badger to enter but nothing bigger. In side the cave there are separate small caverns that are the dens. The nursery, leaders den, and the medicine cats den are the farthest back while the warriors den and the apprentices den are near the enterance.



    1. No Godmodding/powerplaying.
    2. Please post at least two sentances per character/post.
    3. Romance please just nothing dramatic.
    4. No swearin only use cat swears and insults please.
    5. You can have as many character as you can handle and if you need to get rid of a few you may retire them as elders or kill them.
    6. Elders are used in meeting, burials, and when an apprentice is changing their bedding. They are not rped as much as other ranked cats but you are welcomed to rp them all the time.
    7. If you want to kill your cat have some injury happen yu can either make the death quick or slow just don't post somthing like this " Fallentimber was walking and fell into a pit broke his neck and died". That would just be akward. Please pm me if you want to kill your cat.
    8. Don't kill another Rpers cat without asking both me and them.
    9. If you read all of this post 'moon' in other.
    10. Please if you are not able to post for a day or more please pm me before hand so that I know.
    11. Wait untill I accept you before you start to post in the Rp-ing thread.
    12. Ummmmm........ I think I covered it all..........soooooo.......... Have Fun !!!! Smile


    Winterstar - white tom with pale grey flecks with a light bule eye and a dark blue eye.
    Apprentice : None
    ~Medicine Cat~
    Mistpaw - pale grey she-cat with light blue flecks and deep green eyes.
    Mentor : OPEN
    ~Queens & Kits~

    Cats Outside The Clan
    - Loners :
    - Rouges :
    - Exiled :


    Name :
    Gender :
    Age :
    Rank :
    Appearace : (written please can be short and you may add pics)
    Personality : (at least one sentance)
    History :
    Kin :
    Crush/Mate :
    Other :

    Prey That Is In The Territory
    - Squirrel
    - Birds
    - Mice
    - Voles/Water Voles
    - Fish
    Animals That Are A Threat To Cats
    - Mountain Lions (can't kill them unless there is at least 6 warriors)
    - Wolves (there must be 4 warriors to kill one)
    - Badgers (can be killed by 3 full fleged warriors)
    - Foxes (can be killed by 2 warriors)
    - Rats (can be killed by and apprentice)

    (If you have any news that you wish be posted in this section post it on the sigh-ups)

    (medicine cat,if you wish to have a prophecy from Starclan please pm me)


    ~Cats That Are Needed Before Making The RP Thread~
    - Medicine Cat
    - Deputy
    - 2 Warrior(s)
    - At least 1 apprentice or a queen with kits.


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    *Name : Winter(sky)star (2 lives left)
    *Gender : Tom
    *Age : 31 moons
    *Rank : Leader
    *Appearance : Almost pure white tom with light grey flecks here and there on his body, and his ears, tail, paws, and muzzle are all a dark grey. He has one dark blue eye and the other light blue. His body structure is well boned and muscular and is tall but not to tall.
    *Personality : Soft and caring, loyal and feirce. He loves his clan equaly and will never do something unjust without thinking it through. Winterstar has a tough side and it comes out when it is needed. He is very good at fighting and hunting mainly from moons of experiance.
    *History : Was born into the clan and grew up in it. His first mentor died from a mountain lion along with his mate(Riverwave) and second kit(Stonepaw). He became deputy when Pinestar died and Hawkflight became leader. She picked Larkwing to be her deputy but when he died she pick him. At he time he was known as Wintersky and sadly when Hawkstar died he became leader. He lost his first life to a fight with a mountain lion, his second and third to blackcough, his fourth to a gang of rouges, his fifth to infection when he was attacked by a badger, and his sixth to flling into the river savin a kit in the winter, an his seventh to a pair of wolves.
    *Kin : Mistpaw(song), Stonepaw(fall) (is dead).
    Crush/Mate : OPEN/OPEN
    Other : Moon

    *Name : Mistpaw(song)
    *Gender : She-cat
    *Age : 9 moons
    *Rank : Apprentice
    *Appearance : She is a very pale grey color and has light blue flecks all over. Her eyes are a deep green.
    *Personality : Very outgoing and likes to be every where at once. She has no fear in battle but knows when to stop and flee.
    *History : Was born to Riverwave and Whitestar along with her brother Stonepaw. One day on the last patrol for the day she was with her mother, her mentor and Stonepaw and his mentor. They accidentally ending up meeting a mountain lion killing everyone on the patrol but her. For a time she wouldn't speak to anyone but now she is starting to get back to her regular self.
    *Kin : Winterstar(father), Riverwave(mother-dead), Stonepaw (brother-dead).
    *Crush/Mate : OPEN/When she becomes a warrior she will choose one.
    *Other : moon

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