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    oaks awesome restraunt


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    oaks awesome restraunt Empty oaks awesome restraunt

    Post  maple on Sun Sep 12, 2010 4:38 pm

    welcome to oaks awesome restraunt!

    here is our menu:

    mouso soup- made with mice, pond grass, water and honeyclumps
    sushi- made with your choice of salman, trout, or tuna, and with pond grass by the piece
    chicken-by the leg

    main courses:
    full chicken- a full chicken
    full turkey- a full turkey
    squirral- what the title said
    lemon salman- salmon with or without lemon juice on it

    fish cake- can be served al'amode
    bird cake- can be served al'amode
    squirral cake- can be served al'amode
    fish, bird or squirral al'amode- what the title said

    Mad you cannot fight the power! Mad

    they are

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