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    Post  Dark.Side.of.the.Moon on Mon Dec 20, 2010 5:13 pm

    Who wants to live fighting with your own kind? Cannibals need to learn to live. These Twolegs have everything we need. My name is Moon. Short for Dark Side of the Moon. Nice to meet you.

    The small buildings where the Twolegs live mark our territory. We have our homes, but we hang out in a large alley on the outside. one great stone wall blocks us from the land of the Warriors. We've had a few kittypets stray, but they didn't come back. Without a few unlucky battle scars, that is. We've had a few great warriors join us, too. Good ol' Pinestar, he is my best friend. Love him to death, but the old guy still thinks about his life as a Clan Leader. Anyway, I'm all off topic, we go to a great alley in the back. There are stone circles we like to cuddle in. Then we have a few scraps of food from the butcher shop nearby. Rogues pass through and ravage out homes there, we teach 'em right and rebuild the small shelters we had made. Join us, and we will treat you like kin. Deceive us and you will not easily escape.

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