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    Post  HellaAwkward on Fri Feb 10, 2012 2:04 am

    This is a two-clan RP on my site, The Prophecy Arisen.

    This RP is set 20 years after the original series, with two totally different clans, BriarClan and PuddleClan. The two clans are complete opposites, despite their strong moral stance on the Warrior Code.

    The Prophecy foretells four young apprentices(yet to be determined) who ruin the strong set up of the two clans by falling in love at a gathering. The clans believe that the other is stealing their apprentice in attempt to break up the clans and set up a battle to destroy the other. Along the way, fights happen, cats get injured, farm raids, kittypets join, etc.

    The Prophecy may change, and the four apprentices will be chosen once we have two from each clan...if you're interested, ask for the link below...

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