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    Post  Dawntail on Tue Nov 23, 2010 1:24 pm

    World of Warriors

    World of Warriors Logowa10
    World of Warriors is a new roleplaying forum adventure based on the hit series Warriors by Erin Hunter. We use the four basic clans and the basic map (Fourtrees, river, and treecutt place, etc.) Our numbers are short so we're accepting all cats any rank, any age, any clan. We also have loner, kittypet, and rogue spots open so grab them while they're open!
    Our plotline will be revealed when we have enough members to conduct the plot.
    Roleplaying requirements: At least two sentences for kits and apprentices, any other rank at least four.
    Seasons: We change seasons every once in a while which changes the background of the forum and an icon at the top indicating what season it is.
    ICLY it is currently Leafbare. We use real months for moons and the current season for the IC season.
    We hope to see you on!

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